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April 25th, 2008

02:55 pm - holaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
bored!! in ict lesson mr bucket one. i now finished my farm animals presentation. woopidoo

pissup tonight and pub. yes we spend every friday at the pub, and so far this year ive been there EVERY friday without fail. lol....

me and siby have plans to annoy everyone with our randomness, and get completely pissed and have a go at a certain specimin of ape.

oooo ooo ah ah

also bibibibibi want to do drugs. this is iresponsible and action must be taken to stop this. although he is probably lying about it. woof woof

thunderous bin lid, coming to a cinema near you soon.. certificate 15.
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Current Mood: apatheticapathetic

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April 22nd, 2008

11:46 am - shank crew and other stuff
long time no speak my fellow lemon packet.
there has been way too much going on, includin "shank crew" and everyone actin like eastenders by going with each others bfs, gfs, and people other people fancy. (boo hoo).

me and sibal have some new friends who we refer to as "shank crew"

the original crew are:


this group has now disperced slightly due to the left toe of everyone gettin with each other and now hating each other hahaha. everyone in the group has got wit about 2 people from the group while someone else has fancied them or the person.

anyway as for sixth form its crap and we never get ema anymore, as we have to use 4 skiving forms a term so we never get paid anymore. gay. all the coursework is coming to an end but im behind like nathan does people from and its makin me annoyed! exams soon ict in a month 10 fuckin hours. gay gay gay speaking of gay.. .bi. yes thats right!!!!

i dont think there is much else to say so ramble lamble

meeeeeeehhh goat
Current Location: heartsease
Current Mood: apatheticapathetic

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January 28th, 2008

12:09 pm - hmmmmmmmmmmm
me n siby ere bored in ict we have began our database shitty exam work 10 hour exam yea right suckkkkkkky.
what has been goin on? not alot kels party was on sat, was ok but not the best, other peoples partys have been better. ooo lalalala. we are behind so siby is stayin at mine on tues wit our laptops so we can be hard and prob bein on msn watchin telly all night haha nooo we are good girls.
or are we?
siby has a husband now. called luke the chopper.
guess thats all i have to say for today so see ya

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December 7th, 2007

02:18 pm - long time no see???
yeah mate. pissup tonight.... jonnys party! and batty crease, mr frizz smith, miss pe smith, mr sexysexysexy walters AAAAAAAAND mr pearson and his bird will all be attending. not to mention heartsease boys (ie. freckles, s.t.i, twatty twins) so we will update about this party. well as u didn;t know, we are going to disneyland paris on monday for a week. so laters potatas!!! hahaha and this is our last ict mr bucket lesson of 2007.

so we must take the time to reminise our good times so far....
- making stick men chase hooks across the screen
- our first ever lesson (sibys stoned bday) where she kept makin her fone make stupid pen noises
- and we also writ about goats and said that siby fancies mr bucket.
- dunno cant think of anything else

so thats it really but its PARTY ALL THE TIME time.
Current Location: blyth fish room
Current Mood: bouncybouncy

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October 19th, 2007

02:22 pm - freaky friday
hello, i am in ict. there is currently a long haired spac standing near me, who has impaired english speaking skills. he has now left.
anyway back to black, after this i am gettin the party bus then goin home to eat tea etc then piss off round wetdrops to get ready to go clubbin.
anyway happy hawkins!!!!
its only me wetdrop and siby goin clubbin, hopefully sibby wont get kicked out/or be a twat/or get wit ugly minger chinger binger lingers.
for example... STUMPY BROWN BALLS. hahahahahahaha and lose knickers, but lets not get into that again.
the scabby kids have left this class room now so it is nice and quiet with a breeze, apart from sibby singin i wish i cud move like michael jackson. and the odd.... JOOOOOOOOOS TEN. lol
i am now typing without looking at the keyboard because i find this fun!!!
and im stuck on my work leg
now i am going to write more abt siby coz she fancies sam allen

she got married to him recently, but now due to a "sam bitch fit" (sbf for short) they are waiting on a divorce. they didnt even get to have their honeymoon because sams mum and dad died thats why he is so angry.
bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Current Mood: crazycrazy

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October 15th, 2007

09:51 am - shes homeless!!!
hello my lovely. i am now in ict and was late, and goin to update about my shithot weekend. well to start friday was shit and i stayed in. sat was wetdrops party!! funy nite hahahaha. well the main dish....
siby lost her knickers in pidges alley way coz of stumpy brown balls.
calum started a fight at the pub. titch and jaz kicked off at each other coz siby was sickkk and dint wanna go clubbin. siby smashed her vodka everywhere outside. i got called a cunt 10000000 times. and cut my foot.

and now we move onto sunday. we decided to purchase some vodka because i got kicked out. hahahahah. and got pissed up heartsease. we played some games such as knock knock run into a bush. and got green up our jeans and cut my finger. hahaha it was well worth it.
me and siby walked to hers and shouted at jjb fly by crusiers (ped crew) there was about 100 of them hahaha. then we was tryin to get stumpy brown balls number but no1 gave it to us, after bribin boys they still didnt give it. lol. we sat in some leaves near blyth to roll a fag and rang my "boyfriend" hahaha and sent messages to people about lemon leads and people cant handle us. hahaha they so cant handle us. this is lead us to the buxton lammas. and then we walked up hill meade and stole a butterfly. once we got to sibys the mcdonalds crew were accross the road outside, i.e morroco, jamaica and denmark. hahahaha they snapped our butterfly in half!!!!!
finally as we got in my made peanut butter on toast and went to bed, although me and siby played "who do u prefer game". where she chose michael... and klem amungst others, including stumpy brown balls. hahahahahahaha

now we r poor homeless in ict and gonna get told off when we go home, but we are going to the walk in camel to check our toes for infection.

bye xxxxxxxx
Current Location: ict blyttth
Current Mood: bouncybouncy

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October 9th, 2007

10:48 am - fuckin shittin bollox
i hate skool. i cant be fucked. i cant even open my coursework. its fuckin rainin i forgot my fuckin timetable so i int gonna get any fuckingf money on fuckin friday wot is the point in gettin a fuckin stupud bit of paper signed to get 30 fuckin quid this is just absolutely fucking pathetic and im sick of it... YET AGAIN.
fuck off!
and that goes to every1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spesh gay people tellin same clothes about fake bebos
and tramps lying about takeaways and kickin off over FUCK ALL.
Current Location: hertsease
Current Mood: angryangry

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September 24th, 2007

10:19 am - haqhahaahahahaha
we went clubin on sat hahahahahahahaha here is the fun we encountered

bald men
beard men
short men
takin our shoes off and walkin down prince of wales rd
buyin a bottle of vodka and droppin it down the back of a fence.
askin old bill for socks
gettin a pizza
doin sambuca shots
siby runnin off and cryin haha
mel almost dint get in
avin a smoke wen we got hum
anyway it was funny as fuck!!

we have so much fun nowadays yeeee
Current Location: blyth
Current Mood: boredbored

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September 21st, 2007

10:28 am - bored
at shitty skool in t&t on a lovely full fuckin day.
well this is crap so gutted, we tryin to think of plans to rinse up nathan as we need his money. for drink, and lunch if not we are going to starve to death and we sober.
oh de de dear.
meant to be doin powerpoint about wales but im jus bored emailin sibal and txtin ppl who int replying. super duper

also on a moaning point, i dint get ma fuckin ema this week wen i have bin to all ma shitty lessons lately, its all coz of these batty timetables which i hant handed in coz tim hant signed the monday lesson. wota pile of fucking wank

and hant got our frickin bonus either

love xxxxxxx
Current Location: heartsease
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: dizzee rascal - flex

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September 17th, 2007

10:56 am - shitty shit form
hello im stuck at blyth on the shittest computer i have ever experienced in my entire life. half of the keys are missing and i am actually typing faster than it is comin up on the screen.
apart from this, i haven't been able to get onto the internet until now.
also shit form has changed so that u have to get ur timetable signed in order to get ema. i got it all signed last week and LOST it. so i am very angry bout this n gna kick off to miss block tomorrow. she will probably say that its my fault because i forged the signatures last year, well suck my camel.#
this is bollox. and i need to do my work but i am actually unsure of wot is needed to be done.

Current Location: shitty blyth
Current Mood: angryangry

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